Provide Text a Librarian virtual reference services for patrons on-the-go

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Why stop with Ask a Librarian on your website? Create a Text a Librarian SMS reference service with LibraryH3lp. Text messaging offers mobile patrons all of the benefits of live chat without being tied to a website. Not all patrons can browse your website on their phone, but most can text.

Mobile patrons text questions to your dedicated Text a Librarian number. And you provide instant answers, links to articles and references, and more to patrons instantly.

And LibraryH3lp combines text messaging with mobile website chat and mobile searchable FAQs, creating a powerful mobile toolkit that is makes it easy to connect with patrons on-the-go.

Forming a consortium or network of libraries? LibraryH3lp makes it easy to provide seamless staffing and transfer of texting patrons between participating libraries staffing a collaborative service.

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